Friday, March 25, 2005


While most Christians are focused on celebrating Easter this week, more than a few plan to attend "conception parties" celebrating the immaculate conception of Jesus. Check out this article, Christian 'Conception' Parties Raise Ire, Eyebrows.


Moko Omein said...

I am one of few Christians who doesn't celebrate Christ's death just on Easter Sunday. I have not found any proof to support the fact Christ was crucified on Easter Sunday and find it sorta stupid how people could celebrate his birthday on a different day each year (I don't know any living person who has a birthday on a different day every year).

I also don't celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas. For me Christmas is just a time with family and Santa *cough* yeah, sure, right *cough*. Luke 2:8 reads- Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. I don't think a shepherd would be out in the cold winter air watching a bunch of animals.

When do I celebrate Christ's birth and resurection then? The answer is every Sunday. I also go to Church Sunday night and Wednesday night.

I don't think anybody should put off Christ all year just to think about him for a day or two. I don't treat my friends like that. If I did treat my friend like that I don't think his father would let me into his house, do you??

I hope you feel the same way.

~A 14 year old, anonymous, Church of Christ christian.

Peter Milliron said...

I do - mostly anyway. I think most Christians would agree that the dates we celebrate Christmas and Easter may not be the actual dates (or even correct times of year) that the events actually occurred. What's important is that we remember what Jesus has done for us every day - not just a couple of days each year.

nikkyd said...

I agree, but not completely. I think all Christians shouldn't have religious holidays at all because we only got them in the first place to convince the pagans to join us. You know why bunnies and eggs represent Easter? Because they're the signs of the Fertility God of the old-time pagans in Rome or Greece.

P.S.- I'm Moko's friend!!