Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Word About The Other Team
I suspect anyone reading this blog (all two of you) probably have an opinion about gay marriage, gay rights, gay men, gay women as well as the Gay Nineties. Just so you'll know (as if you care) here's what I think:

1. Scripture seems clear that it's wrong.
2. I don't mind if my children have gay friends or gay teachers but I wouldn't want them to date them.
3. I don't think gays deserve special rights but I don't think they should be discriminated against either.
4. It bugs me when people compare the struggles of the gay community to the suffering that African Americans have endured (and still endure) in this country. It ain't anywhere close to the same thing!
5. Most Christians care a TON more about this issue than they do about something else the Bible is much clearer about: Divorce.

I have more thoughts as well, but that will give you a bit of an idea of where I'm coming from. Even better are comments by Joe Bob Briggs in a recent issue of The Door. His thoughts in "Are There Homosexual Saints?" provides a lot of food for thought. Check it out . . .

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