Monday, March 8, 2004

Top Ten - Part Two
A few days ago I posted the Late Show with David Letterman's Top Ten Surprises In "The Passion of the Christ." Well, the Late Show always runs a contest for fans to come up with even better Top Ten items and last week they encouraged folks to come up with additions to the list. Some are even better than the original! (Like #s 10 and 3.) Here they are . . .

10. Surprising similar to plot line of "Weekend At Bernie's"
Adam S., St. Louis, MO

9. The words "shizzle" and "fa-shizzle" constantly being thrown second
B.A. "Sandy"., Sanford

8. The Kenny Loggins theme song
John R., Cooper City, FL

7. All the line dancing
Chris H., Pittsburgh, PA

6. The way the Apostles call each other "dude"
Christopher G., Providence, RI

5. The Back to the Future car is spotted in one of the mob scenes
Stu R., Eureka, CA

4. Last Supper catered by Olive Garden
Kealapua B., Hilo, HI

3. Jesus' new catch phrase: "Whatcha talkin' bout, Judas?"
Yury K., Columbus, OH

2. The controversial scene where Jesus says he's more popular than the Beatles
Nate M., St. Paul, MN

1. The Last Supper? $2500 a plate.
Richard O., Slidell, LA

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