Thursday, February 26, 2004

I just got back from The Passion of the Christ. It's gonna take me a while to sort out how I feel about it but here are a few thoughts . . .

1. It blew me away. When it was over I couldn't move. In fact, most of the audience couldn't either. Those who know me know that I stay through the credits of every movie I see. Usually that means I'm the last one out of the theater. Tonight only a few people left before the end of the credits. That tells you something about the impact of this movie. And not many people were talking when they walked out of the theater.

2. It was needlessly violent. While I understand why Mel Gibson made this movie as explicit as he did, I can't help but think he went one or two steps too far.

3. Probably the best film about Jesus ever. But that's probably not saying much since I really can't think of a film about Jesus that left much of an impression - before now anyway.

4. Some parents are idiots. Why there were so many kids under the age of 13 at this movie - and more than a few younger than 10 - is beyond me. It was extremely violent and more than a few scenes are designed to scare the crud out of you. That's probably why some of those same parents left - with their kids - part way into the movie. The other idiot parents stayed.
"You know, if I was Billy Graham, I'd have preached. If I was Jackson Pollock, I'd have painted. But I have one good trick: that's filmmaking, and that's how I express myself. This [movie] is my meditation."
Mel Gibson in USA Today
"A monkey has a better chance of typing the Gettysburg Address than Jesus has of not being the Messiah."
Mel Gibson

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