Saturday, October 19, 2002


So, what do I believe? Thanks for asking.
Taking a big, huge, honkin' muthah, bungee jump leap of faith, I believe:

* God is real and He is so huge that we can never hope to fully understand Him. Kind of like an amoeba can never hope to understand humans.

* God wants to be known. I don't think He runs the world like a giant video game where He just wants to manipulate things and/or let nature take its course. I'll bet the clues are everywhere. We're just too puny to understand them. Muslims, Hindus and most other religions have half a clue but none have the whole picture. I kinda suspect that even Christians are someday gonna be surprised by some of the things they find out about God. I gotta think that when we get to the other side (whatever that may be) things will make a lot more sense.

* My money is on Christianity. Not the religion. Not a denomination. Not a church. Not Benny Hinn or Jerry Falwell or Billy Graham. Most of those guys are bigger weasels than most of us ever will ever be. Except for maybe Billy Graham who, for a preacher, is as grounded and genuinely spiritual a person as there is.

It's the "faith" part of Christianity that just makes more sense to me. At its core I don't think Christianity is about rules, regulations, a system of beliefs or any of that ritual crap. It's simply about having a relationship directly with God. I don't see Jesus as getting in the way because to buy into Christianity I have to believe He is God. In the end, He's the one I'm after.

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