Friday, June 30, 2017

Rudy Tries To Kill Bambi. (A cautionary tale. A confessional. A sh*t happens story. You decide.) Although you can't see it very well, deep inside this grass, along the creek bottom is a small fawn who was mauled and scared to death by my crazy ass dog. Here's what happened . . . Rudy and I were enjoying a nice hike. I had let her off her leash as there were no other folks on the trail. We saw a few deer along the way and both times Rudy just sat staring at them for a bit. Perfectly still. No barking (which is unusual for Rudy) and she made no move to go after them. As we got further down the trail we came across a fawn sleeping under a tree. Neither Rudy or I noticed it until it stood up and started screaming! Rudy immediately walked up to it - and I immediately called her back! She didn't respond but stood and stared; nose to nose with the fawn. Then Rudy barked and the fawn took off with Rudy hot on its heels! I raced after them and watched as the fawn stumbled into a creek, still screaming. Rudy pushed it with her nose, barked some more and climbed on its back to keep it from getting away. It didn't work. The fawn leapt away from Rudy and raced further down the creek. Rudy was just as fast and caught the fawn about ten yards later. I'm old and there was a fair amount of brush so it took me about a minute to reach their new spot. When I caught up to them I noticed that Rudy had the fawn's hindquarter IN HER MOUTH! And when the fawn continued to struggle Rudy pinned it down with her paws and mouth; even holding it by the neck with its head underwater at one point. I looked behind me and saw a doe scampering back and forth on the hillside; obviously worried about her child!!! The bank was steep but I slid down to get to them. When I reached them the fawn's head was underwater again (cuz my devil dog had her paws on its neck) with it's eyes were wide open. I pulled Rudy off and away from the fawn and hooked her onto her leash. She made a couple of attempts to go after it again but I held her back. The fawn slowly moved away and into the spot you see in the photo. I left it there and struggled to get Rudy and I back not the trail. (Part 1)

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